Introduction to SednAir

As the biggest Non OEM company around the world, SednAir was established in 2004 in US and China. In worldwide, SednAir provide Centrifugal compressor and accessary  rental business; Ingersoll-Rand Centac coolers, diffusers, seal assembly, condensate traps manufacture, Overhaul and maintenance service for Ingersoll-Rand, Cooper (Cameron), Atlas Copco, Elliott, CompAir Centrifugal Compressors.

Sednair In USA

America SednAir Compressor System Inc was established in California in 2004 and moved to Kentucky in 2007. It is a multinational industrial company focused on centrifugal compressor system which includes aftermarket parts manufacturing, sales and service.


America SednAir Provide the highest quality Centrifugal Compressor Parts as follows: Coolers –Air /Oil internal and external Cooler. Control Systems Bearings – Plain, Thrust, Pinion, Bullgear Inlet Valves, Bypass Valves Controllers Couplings Diffusers Filters – Air, Oil Filter Elements Gasket Kits Lubricant (Synthetic) Rotor Assembly, Include Impeller, Pinion, Thrust Collar, bolts Seals – Air, Oil, Shaft, Bullgear Vibration Probe, Transmitter and Cable.

SednAir----Internal/External Cooler

------ CENTAC Air Cooler Replacement Assembly , Testing and Inventory in Paducah Kentucky USA.

IR Centac Air Cooler Replacement, 100% Manufactured by SednAir,Inventory in Paducah Kentucky USA and Wuhan China,Precise Design and Manufacturing, Performance same or better than Ingersoll-Rand CENTAC cooler,Good price and Technical Support for partners.

Benefit for customers

High reliability and less operation cost. Quickly delivery and professional technical support. Excellence performance, CTD Guarantied.

Centrifugal Air Compressor Parts

Replacement Parts for Ingersoll-Rand, Cooper Joy (Cameron), Elliott Centrifugal Compressors.Gasket Kits Inlet Guide Vane Assemblies (IGV) Lubricant (Synthetic) Oil Pumps – Auxiliary, Main O’Rings – Air Seal and Inlet Positioners. Vibration Probes and Cables Vibration Transmitter. Transducer. I/P Transducer High/Low voltage starter High/Low voltage motor Condensate Traps. Critical Parts made in U.S.